Funding Program for Next Generation World-Leading Researchers - Development of low-cost quantum dot photovoltaics with silicon inks



Our research interests are (1) Plasma catalysis for greenhouse gas conversion. (2) Silicon technology and photovoltaic applications. (3) Plasma material science and technology, and exploring new approach to sustainable energy technology based on the knowledge of Mechanical Engineering (Thermal Science and Engineering, Heat and Mass Transport), Reaction Engineering, and Plasma Materials Science.

Tomohiro Nozaki, Dr. Eng., Professor,
Department on Mechanical Sciences and Engineering
Tokyo Institute of Technology


Invited lucture
Plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition of carbon nanotubes : a review
Nano S&T, China, 23-25 Octorber, 2011.
Invited lucture
Plasma synthesis of size-tunable silicon nanocrystals towards next generation photovoltaics
The 8th Asian-European Int Conf on Plasma Surface Engineering, Dalian, China, 18-21 September 2011.
Special issue
The Special Cluster Issue on "Non-thermal Plasma Assisted Fuel Conversion for Green Chemistry" has been released in J Phys D: Appl Phys., 44(23), 2011
All articles in this issue are FREE to download until 30th September (9/30) 2011.
Invited lucture
Invitd Lecture
Silicon inks towards next generation phtovoltaics, Invited lecture at Advanced Nanotechnology Center, Tianjin University, 30 June 2011.
This project "Development of low-cost quantum dot photovoltaics with silicon inks" was accepted.
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